At Savannah's Food Co. we have empathy for the broken, and  to us food is where it all begins. Our mission is to help develop a stronger, local food-economy in the city of Memphis, while giving a hand to those in need. 

Local Food Delivery in Memphis

We believe that our pasts don't have to dictate our futures, but our present attitudes towards the foods we eat and how we eat them can produce positive  effects on our well-being.  



At Savannah's Food Co. we have Goals to Grow & in turn help our community: 

1. By bringing any extra food we ever have to those in need. 

2. By Giving Jobs to displaced people who need a second chance and  employment. 

3. By Developing a Plan to help Bring Meals to the Homeless with a portion of our profits.

4. By Selling Merchandise where the profits go to Women's Shelters in Memphis. (Coming soon!) 

5. By Using more Local Vendors & especially those who also have a purpose to bring Hope to the less fortunate. (For example, Lucy J's bread who partners with the Dorothy Day House in Memphis) 

6. By planting as many SFC herbs, vegetables gardens, and trees as possible in memphis.

7. By Developing in to a local Grocery Store full of local Opportunities

8.  by NEVER discriminating against ANYONE ... LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER

Hungry Homeless Crisis in Memphis